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My name is Riad OULBANI, 28 years old, founder of RayAnim. I am an Algerian Civil engineer but passionate about the amazing world of dogs. The idea behind this blog is to share my pieces of knowledge and experience in this endless world. I have a 9 years old female German shepherd dog named “Luccia”.; I prepared here for Algerian national Seiger show, basically obeisance and agility training, and we got the 3rd place in the Algerian nation Seiger in 2011. No words can describe the memorial moments we had across almost a decade, the first time I got it ; the moments that we had in the trainings, the long walks and runs in the forest, the Seiger moments. I get goosebumps whenever I remember these incredible moments; I consider my self the luckiest men in the history of our humankind for having her. My passion I am sharing all things on the internet because if you want to gain knowledge then you should also share own knowledge with others.
So, by this blog I want to leave my touch on this incredible world and be part of it, I hope that you enjoy my blog and all kind of suggestions are the most welcome, You can get in touch with me…