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Dog Food: 5 Guidelines to Make Dogs Healthier.

Dog food?. A healthy diet for the dog directly influences their well-being and quality of life. A dog that feeds properly will have the energy it needs to perform its daily activity, healthier dog teeth and hair, and better defenses against diseases. This article offers five guidelines to make the dog healthier through its diet.

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Dog food, according to its age and size

A puppy does not have the same nutritional needs as a five-year-old dog. Younger dogs require greater energy and protein intake than a larger dog and must be taken into account when feeding so that the amount of nutrients it receives is adequate.

Another issue to take into account to feed the dog in a healthy way is its size. A large dog, like a mastiff, does not grow at the same pace or have the same nutritional requirements as a Chihuahua.

Large dogs require a type of diet that prevents their rapid growth, because it can cause bone problems common to their race, such as dysphasia. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a feed with certain characteristics and in the right proportions.

The amount of physical exercise that the dog performs daily is another factor to take into account to choose the type of dog food. An animal that walks several kilometers a day, runs and is nervous needs an extra contribution of energy to feed in a healthy way.

Feed the dog: choose the rations

Canine obesity is a common health problem and incorrect feeding is one of the factors that cause it. A dog that eats more food every day than it should according to its weight, size and amount of physical activity is a firm candidate to be overweight or obese.

There are dogs that are swallowed by nature and demand more food than they are offered, especially when their owners have their own food on the plate. Giving in to the food requirements of the dog is a mistake that will lead to overweight and obesity. Between 20% and 40% of dogs are overweight or obese, according to data from the World Association of Small Animal Veterinarians. A solution offered by the canine food market for dogs that find it hard to satisfy their appetite with their daily rations of feed is satiating foods, which appease the sensation of hunger.

Dog food of medium-high quality

Good quality feed is more expensive, but it guarantees a product that is controlled throughout the manufacturing process to obtain food with characteristics such as high digestibility.

The feed high – end get the dog’s body makes the most of the nutritional intake of feed ingredients.

Another feature that high-end dog feed is that the feed balls have a texture and shape that helps keep the dog’s teeth free of bacterial plaque, so they prevent oral problems such as gingivitis or inflammation of the gums of the can.

However, “the consumption by Spanish dogs of high-end feed is low”, estimates Ignacio Area veterinarian: around 5% of the dogs consume this type of high-quality feed in Spain.

Prevent the dog from biting between hours

Dogs are olfactory animals: they perceive a lot of information through their nose and, if they smell food that appeals to them, they can be very persistent.

These pecks between meals are the cause of intestinal disorders, overweight, and obesity. Therefore, we must try to avoid them, to get the dog to have a healthy and balanced diet.

The binge eating is the cause of dogs come to the veterinary practice, especially in times conducive to family gatherings around the table, such as Christmas. At this time the queries of dogs with gastrointestinal problems derived from excessive and improper food intake are triggered.

The trinkets for dogs are a suitable option for when you want to offer an extra culinary to the dog, but in an occasional way and never as a complement to your daily feed rations.

In addition, there are low in calories, to avoid extra contributions of energy that result in overweight for the dog.

Consult with the vet the feeding of the dog

If you want to experiment with new formulas with the dog’s diet, such as homemade food for dogs, it is recommended that it be done under the supervision of the veterinarian.

There are cases of dogs that require, for a time or forever, home-made food due to certain stomach problems, such as food allergies or lack of appetite during after convalescence.

In these cases, the supervision of the vet is essential to mark the owner of the sick dog nutritional needs. Among them, the ingredients and the adequate portions of the homemade food.

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