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Dog walking: Know it ALL

Dog walking! We know that walking is good. After all, it improves blood circulation, helps to lose weight and prevent obesity, and strengthens the muscles of the body, decreases anxiety and stress. And just as this holds true for humans, as well for dog walking. But these benefits can be enhanced for both, especially for you.

This is because it is scientifically proven that people who live with a dog and walk regularly have a better life. So that the advantages go far beyond the company, extending to both human and animal health. To get an idea, only 30 minutes of interaction with the dog already causes the human body to increase oxygen, known as the “love hormone.” This means more self-confidence and less stress and depression.

A dog behavior specialist and dog walker Renata Ragazini cites several advantages. “Tutors who walk their dogs are happier, less lonely, give their lives a greater meaning and have a sense of belonging to the improved world.” In addition, other reasons she points to them being allies of our good mood and health is the aid to the immune system, encouragement for a more active life and social support.

Walking your dog keeps you healthy

A study conducted at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, found that fathers and mothers of dogs live longer and have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. To reach these results, they analyzed more than 3 million people between the ages of 40 and 80. Tutors and non-tutors of dogs, who lived with family and singles, were compared.

In the case of singles, whoever is the guardian of a dog presented a 33% reduction in the risk of death. There was also an 11% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease in the comparison between those who have or do not have a pup.

For tutors with family, the presence of the dog influenced the reduction of 20% in the risk of death and 23% in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Particularly for the health of people living alone, a group that is notably more vulnerable, these figures prove that dogs are a powerful protective factor.

According to the study, walking is primarily responsible for health upgrades. This is because, in addition to more active life, it causes increased well-being, increased immune resistance and fewer allergies. Other research has also pointed to the reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Not to mention better survival rates and recovery after a heart attack.

Similarly, a survey was conducted in China by the University of Nanjing to help us prove that walking is good, but the dog does much more. The study found that the longer the time of living and interacting with the dog, the lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Walking with a dog keeps you in shape

dog walking

The World Health Organization recommends an average of two and a half hours of physical activity per week for adults. Guess who has the best chance of achieving this goal? People walking with their dogs!

And besides being great to the four-legged friend, walking is good and also helps you to lose weight! This is because each output lasts for at least 10 minutes and ideal for the puppy is to happen at least three times a day.

Walking with a dog benefits your mind

When you are with your dog,  and even more so, when you walk with it, the levels of so-called “happiness hormones” rise in the body. As a result, their well-being grows as well. Then you calm down, become less anxious and your blood pressure within the normal range. No wonder that already has companies that allow the presence of dogs at work. After all, they bring more energy, satisfaction, and productivity to everyone. This is the case of Dog Hero!

For older people, walking with the dog also brings purpose and meaning to everyday life. This removes loneliness and reduces cognitive decline and disease. Undoubtedly, caring for the dog is a great motive – based on love – to positively follow the routine. In this respect, which is good for everyone, depression also leads to a “come and go”.

Walking is good for your dog’s health too

Even for those who are committed to walking regularly with the puppy, unforeseen events can happen. When this is the case, you can not leave the dog in your hand. This is because walking is also good for the health of the animal. In this case, the best way out is to have professional help.

In Dog Hero, the dog walker is geared to deal with the various situations that can happen during a walk. Just like you, the dog walker is dog crazy and will give your 4-legged child all the attention he needs. That’s why each ride is individual, except when there is more than one dog in the same family. The rides are tailored to your dog’s profile and energy level so that he is satisfied and healthy.

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